Supporters and Sponsors

The Portland in 2016 Bid Committee would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of our supporters and backers. Your contributions helped us get the word out, boosting the signal in strength and range, announcing our intent to bring Westercon 69 to Portland in 2016. It was a long journey to the site selection vote and all of our little successes along the way can be attributed to the support you have given us. Winning the bid would not have been possible without you. Thank you!

Friends of the bid
Meredith Cook
Jeffrey Hulten
Hunter Meyer
D. Stephen Raymond
Tim Storey

Shandra Bauer
Beverly Block
N. Talbot Brady
Justin Brown
Jo Brown
Todd Brown
Debbie Cross
Aaron Curtis
Linda Deneroff
Jack Foy
Edward Jacobowitz
Dale Johnson
Natalie Johnson
Shauna McKain-Storey
Beth Moursund
Wanda L. Pease
Scott Perrin
Michelle Roberts
Beverly Ryng
Heidi Schaub
Dale Smith
LeAnn Smith
Mark Sutton
Karen Thompson
David Turner
Helen Umberger
Shannon VanDyke
Brad Wheeler
John Worsley
Paul Wrigley

... and the 12 other supporters who prefer to remain anonymous. Thank you all!

Sponsoring/Supporting Businesses

Supporting Conventions
These are the conventions which graciously support Westercon. 
RadCon Pasco, WA - Feb 12-14, 2016 
Potlatch Seattle, WA – Feb 2016 
ConDor  San Diego, CA – Feb 26-28, 2016 
All-Con Dallas, TX – March 17-20, 2016 
GameStorm Vancouver, WA – Mar 17-20, 2016 
BayCon Santa Clara, CA - May 2016 
ApolloCon - June 2016 
OryCon Portland, OR – Nov 18-20, 2016 
Loscon Los Angeles, CA - Nov 25-27, 2016 
ConAlope Tempe, AZ - July 1-4, 2017