Masquerade Registration

(ALL participants MUST read AND type their name as acknowledgement to go on stage. A parent or guardian must type for a minor.) I/We have read and understood the rules of this masquerade as set forth in the instructions, and agree to abide by them. Further, I/we agree to permit photography and videotaping, and to allow the sale/dissemination of these photos and tapes by Westercon 69. I acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and I will not receive any financial compensation from Westercon for the taking or use of these photographs in Westercon related marketing or publications. I acknowledge and agree that publication of the photographs confers no rights of ownership or royalties." Further, I/we do agree to hold the convention, its organizers, and the facility both severally and individually blameless for any accident and/or injury suffered by me/us during the course of this Masquerade and its rehearsals except in cases of gross negligence on the part of those cited above.