In order to create a balanced and varied Dealers’ Room, Westercon 69 chose Dealers by jury selection. All Dealers have been notified   whether or not their application has been accepted. The Dealer’s Room is full & the Waiting List is closed.

The Westercon 69 Dealer Room will share the Doubletree Exhibit Hall with the Art Show. The Dealer Room will be open to members the following hours.

Friday: 2 PM – 7 PM
Saturday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Sunday: 11 AM – 6 PM
Monday: 10 AM – 4 PM

You will find the following vendors in the Dealer Room. (With a link to their website, if available, and a brief description of their merchandise)

A Little of This
Matted art, books & other novelty products, incorporating art and writing by Mark Ferrari and Shannon Page.

A Steampunk Emporium featuring art jewelry, modern capes & bustles, & older material.

Antik Comics
Books, Comics & Art

Blue Moon Designs/Firebird Fae Couture
Steampunk accessories – fabric pocket belts, holsters, bustles, hair clip & headdresses. Jewelry. Hand-dyed silk clothing.

The Book Universe
New SF&F hardcovers, trade paper & paperbacks

Cargo Cult Books & Notions
New SF & Fantasy books, DVDs & CDs.

Central Washington Authors Guild
SF&F trade paperback novels by Guild members.

Gavin Claypool
DVDs & Blu-ray Disks.

Clockwork Dragon

Darlene P. Coltrain
SF&F Themed lost wax cast jewelry & beads, painted silk scarfs.

Cordochorea Creations
Fine handcrafted jewelry & jeweled accessories.

Creative Scentsations
Replica Steampunk Guns. Figurines & gift items. Gothic, punk & Steampunk clothing. Masks, jewelry & accessories.

Cross-Beaux Arts
Kiln Formed Glass Plates, Ornaments & Jewelry

Cross Genre Books
Used, new & rare books

DSP Publications
Publisher of SF&F, LBGTQ friendly & YA books.

Elysium Books
Author – Nikki McCormack

Fantasy Creations
Steampunk & SF themed jewelry. Wind-up watches, handcrafted broaches & hair clips. Custom portraits.

Friends of Filk
Music, Songbooks, Misc.

Fuzzy Hedgehog Press

Games Plus
Games & associated material.

Gears in the Garden
Steampunk paintings, collages, polymer clay creations and leather straps & cuffs.

The Green Wolf
Costuming & other art made from hides & bones; nonfiction books on nature spirituality.

Jim Hardison
Author - Books, Graphic Novels, Posters & Buttons.

Hundieliebe Publishing
Prints of artwork & novels by Madison Keller.

Peter and Esther Jones
Authors – books & prints.

LJ Laubenheimer
Filk & Pagan Music CDs. Fabric Art. Unscented candles.

Miss Haley's Bombshell Boutique
Steampunk Clothing, Kilts & Accessories.

Tori Meader Studios
Handmade Figurines, Prints & Artwork.

Pamela Offret Designs
Lampworked Glass Jewelry & Glass Chainmail.

Browncoat-y tees, pins, lanyards & handmade items. Money from sales goes to charities.

Anthony Pryor
Author with three new novels from Permuted Press.

Regilius Publishing, LLC

Seams Like Magik
Steampunk, Renaissance, Victorian & Fantasy custom clothing.

Silverthorne Crafts
Custom chainmail & leatherwork, jewelry & art.

Sinister Metalworks
Lightweight Steel Fantasy Armor, Crowns & Accessories.

Steampunk Maniacs
Pauldrons, bracers, watches, bracelets, clocks, lamps, things leather & metal.

Publisher of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Cyberpunk & Urban Fantasy Novels.

Wrigley-Cross Books
New Small Press & Used Collectible SF & Fantasy Books

Xenophile Bibliopole
Collectible Science Fiction books, magazines, pulps & posters.