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The Westercon 69 Convention Committee has a broad range of skills and experience to offer to Westercon. We are very excited to share the knowledge we have accrued over the years. Have a comment or concern? Feel free to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Meet Our Staff

Chair - Lea Rush
  Advisers - Lisa Hayes, Ruth Sachter, Patty Wells
  Henchthing - Greg Halleck
Vice Chair - Elizabeth Vann-Clark
Secretary - Shandra Battern Bauer
Accessibility Coordinator - Jacob Engstrom
Artifacts - Robert LaCosse
Business Meeting - Kevin Standlee
Business Meeting Secretary - Linda Deneroff
Business Meeting Videographer - Lisa Hayes
Site Selection - Ben Yalow
Treasurer - Sarah Gulde
     Treasurer Second - D. Stephen Raymond

Hotel - Greg Hallock
     Hotel Adviser - Arthur Aldridge
Registration - David Turner
  Pre-Registration - D. Stephen Raymond
    Registration Staff - James Buchanan, Riley Crowder, Robert Frisbee, Shanta Frisbee, Connon Kuhnhausen, Julie Padgett, Keri Turner, Carla Vilta, Roberta Weth
Public Relations/Communications  
PR Director - Elizabeth Vann-Clark
Unconventional Outreach - Joel Spector
Convention Outreach - TBD
  Public Relations Staff - Brenda Klein (Outgoing Mail Room);
  Shauna McKain-Storey (Room Party Outreach for other cons);
  Muffy Morrigan (Press Releases); Joel Spector (Unconventional Outreach) 
  Ad Swaps - Mark Neiman-Ross
  Public Relations Staff - KaTerra Hazel (Swag Bags)

Ad Sales - Linnea Thompson / Meredith Cook 
Publications Director- Meredith Cook
   Publications Staff - Samuel Klein (Graphic Design Adviser)
Online Schedule - Cymry Reardon
Signage - Anna Holiday, Fargo Holiday (Second)
Social Media - Michael Harbour
Webmaster - Daphne Garrison
Postmaster (Email Aliases), AWS Guru - Fargo Holiday
Programming - Helen Umberger  (Director)
  Elizabeth Vann-Clark (Programming Second)
  Children's Programming/KidCon - Shauna McKain-Storey
  Costuming - Andrea Letourneau
  Creation Station - Ellen Klowden
  Event Tech Lead - Sabrina McCoy
  Event Tech Second - Cymry Reardon
  Film Festival Directory - Nat Saenz
  Gaming - Beverly Block
  GEAR Con - Stephen Couchman, Julie Claire McGowan
  GoH Pre-Con Liaison - Jaki Hunt
  GoH Liaison-Artist (Theresa Mather) - Samantha "Sam" Axmaker
  GoH Liaison-Fan (David Levine) - Ruth Sachter
  GoH Liaison-Filk (Andrew James Adams) - Andrew Nisbet (Pre-con), Jen Kilmer (At-con)
  GoH Liaison-Science (Bobak Ferdowsi) - John A. "JJ" Ark
  GoH Liaison-Special Guest (Charles Stross) - TBD
  GoH Liaison-Writer (John Scalzi) - Curtis Chen
  Green Room - Jenn Perez
  Filking Lead - Linnea Thompson
    Filking Second - Lynn Gold
  LARP - Tom Bird
  Programming Tech - Rick Lindsley
  Writers Workshop - Alaina Ewing
Special Events/Convention Activities
Art Show  - Lisa "Lacey" Axmaker
  Art Show Staff - Samantha "Sam" Axmaker, Stu Axmaker
Dealers Room - Paul Wrigley
Fan Tables  - Shandra Battern
Hospitality  - Korina "Myz" Walters 
Masquerade  - Don Glover
Off Site Excursions - Marc and Patty Wells
Opening/Closing Ceremonies  - Pat Steed
Parties - Heather McLaughlin
Regency Dance & Evening Dances  - TBD
Writers Workshop/Open Read & Critique - Alaina Ewing

Convention Operations
Operations Co-Directors - Shyrl "Pooh" Hester, Devlin Perez
  Operations Staff - Lamont Jones
Info Desk  - Jon "Howitzer" Foster
  Info Desk Second  -  Monica Olsen
  Info Desk Staff  -  Leslie "Skye Selky" Wills, Andrea Barr
Logistics - TBD
Office  - Tony Davis
Security  - Craig Anderson
   Security Staff - Johnn Fultz
Volunteers - Diana Cerasin


From the dedication and imaginations of our volunteers, together we build a convention. Westercon has a grand tradition of involving its members and it is our shared effort that makes fan-run conventions like Westercon possible. Volunteer opportunities include everything from short term pre-con projects to roles that would make you a key part of the behind-the-scenes activity throughout the convention. Whatever you are interested in, don't be afraid to ask! We have something for everyone.

If you're interested in being part of the committee, the staff, or just helping to get the word out, use the contact form below.

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